Teamcoaching for international Teams

Every individual’s personality is unique – in international teams it’s worth to also integrate the cultural characteristics and to jointly benefit from each other.

How is the behavior inside your team?

Does a self-oriented behavior prevail while responding to others and the utilization and consideration of valuable contributions is rather being neglected?

Personal needs for recognition and power can interfere significantly with the team´s work process as well as with the motivation and the quality of the work results.

Constructively consolidating all competencies

…is more important than ever in today´s environment. It is often not sufficient to create an interaction-oriented behavior – having built a raft together does not necessarily translate into a mutual appreciation for the professional competencies in handling daily tasks.

Really enhancing work efficiency

In order to achieve this…

  • True willingness to cooperate and a functional communication structure

  • Mutual understanding as well as respect for professional skills

  • Mutual trust and an efficient meeting culture

…will have to be part of the team development procedure aside from a team-spirit.

Every team has its own individual development need!

Individual Team Development as a method

Team analysis

Based on the hypothesis, that specific factors can limit the utilization of existing potentials, with our team analysis we determine areas of development and develop customized training methods for each team.

Team development as an active, guided process

Team development for us means: “experience and understand” – through active Learning-Experience and focused team development combined with quick effective approaches such as moderated challenge-workshops and feedback techniques we create the conditions for an easy transfer to the everyday work life and a noticeable performance enhancement within the team.

Cultural “Bridges“

We respect culturally different mentalities and temperaments by identifying the different preferences in work- and decision behavior as well as differing emphases in conflict behavior. We thus relativize potentially negative consequences through a mutual understanding and reach a constructive togetherness.

Organization optimization

Not only the competencies of individual team members and the whole group will be often be optimized during our team development, but also structures and process organization will be newly arranged and optimized.